Junior Video Editor

New Delhi, Delhi, India · Video · 010


As Junior Video Editor at boxout.fm, your responsibilities will include editing and delivering finalized video content for a wide range of purposes including social media, promo videos, live performance videos, themed videos, music videos and more. In addition to being organized and good with deadlines, it is essential to have a keen understanding of aesthetics in videography and editing to ensure that all video content is up to boxout.fm standards.

A good knowledge of the following tools and concepts is required:

A moderate knowledge of the following tools/concepts will be helpful:

Communication is a big part of the job, so the Junior Video Editor must feel confident enough to contribute to the entire creative process. Keeping a finger on the pulse of current trends is also crucial, as is the ability to learn new techniques on the job.

Typical activities
Common activities for a Junior Video Editor will include:


Skills required

A Junior Video Editor needs a wide range of personal and creative capabilities. These include:

“Boxout.fm is a radio station staffed by people who love all kinds of music, almost to the point of obsession, so it is imperative that you have much more than a passing fascination with music.”

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